D Kranti is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in Information Technology field. Most new business aspirant in IT field is unaware of different aspects of the business. Our initiative is meant to turn an individual’s ideas into action and encourage their ability to plan and manage projects in order to accomplish objectives that promote innovation, creativity, and risk-taking.

How we can help you?

1. Motivates to take a stand for oneself.
2. Identify the right domain in IT field.
3. By helping in the business planning to improve your chances for success.
4. Assist you in knowing your target audience before you spend a penny.
5. Understand your personal finances and aid you in choosing the right kind of money for your business.
6. Build a support network.

We believe that everyone needs unshakable guidance from the experts, who are already excelling in their own business. Fill in the form below to get in touch with us.

About us

D Kranti is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship. It is going to be launched in January 2020. Our Initial focus will be Information Technology.

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